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Testing results will be sent by email, please check your spam folder.

Our provider is legally required to contact the health department with all positive test results. The health department will call you in the next 24-48 hours to ask when your symptoms started and what your symptoms are at the time they call you. They should ask you who you have had contact with 14 days before you developed symptoms. The exposed individuals are recommended to test either eight days after being exposed to you or three days into their symptoms.

If you Test Positive
You need to quarantine in your home and so does everyone you live with until you are contacted by the health department. If you do not hear for them you could contact them at (406)751-8250. By law, our provider is required to contact the health department.

What is recommended for you to do to get over this virus safely and quickly are:

  • Fresh air.  Crack the windows open or go into your yard or porch so you don’t rebreath the same air in. Stay away from other people
  • Drink 128 oz of water a day.  The more hydrated you are the easier it is fir your body’s defense system to mobilize and fight this virus. If you become dehydrated your body’s immune system is unable to protect you effectively
  • Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. They are full of nutrients important for your bodies immune system.
  • Avoid inflammatory foods Such as, Processed, Packaged, Sugary, Starchy, Carbonated drinks, Nicotine or alcohol
    They all cause inflammation and this virus thrives on them. So avoid them

Recommended for seven days to strengthen your body’s immune system take (for individuals weighing over 100 pounds)

  • Vitamin c 1,000mg every six hours
  • Vitamin d3 10,000iu daily
  • Zinc 150mg (zinc comes in 30-50mg tablets. Take enough to equal 150mg). Take it in the evening with 4oz of tonic water that contains quinine ( quinine can not be taken if pregnant). (It can taste bitter so adding fresh lemon lemon or lime juice or refrigerating the tonic water can decrease the bitter taste). Quinine is antiviral. Very affective in killing viruses.
    After 7 days-Stop tonic water with quinine.
  • Continue vitamin d3 5,000-10,000iu a day til we have sunlight in the spring. (Flathead valley is in a cloud inversion generally from September to May-we are 90% deficient in vitamin d3)
  • Decrease vitamin C to just one 1,000mg tablet a day
  • Decrease zinc to one tablet a day

Proceed to the emergency room if at anytime you are unable to keep fluids down for 24 hours due to vomiting or continuous diarrhea or not urinating for 24 hours or experiencing any difficulty breathing.