November 11, 2022


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For all services, please bring the appropriate Government-issued photo ID.

Physical Exams

Lottie Block, FNP, performs all physical exams.


Bring to the exam: Driver’s License, corrective lenses, medication list

Preparing for exam

  1. 24hrs prior: avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water
  2. Morning of: avoid caffeine and nicotine

Notes: If any of the following apply to you.

  1. Stroke: bring all medical records since the stroke
  2. Heart attack: bring a record of stress test or echocardiogram within the last two years
  3. Diabetes:
    1. Non-insulin dependent – bring a copy of the most recent hemoglobin A1C result
    2. Insulin-dependent – bring a copy of the most recent hemoglobin A1C result. Have your provider that manages your insulin fill out the “Insulin Treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment” form, Insulin-Treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment Form, MCSA-5870 | Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (

Have an eye exam within six months of the DOT exam and have a “Visual Evaluation Checklist” completed, Vision Evaluation Report, Form MCSA–5871 | FMCSA (

  1. Sleep Apnea: bring three months of C-PAP compliance records. This information can be obtained from your C-PAP provider. 


Includes USCG

Bring to the exam: Company authorization form(s)

Physical Abilities Exam

Bring to the exam: Company authorization form(s)


Bring to the exam: School identification or Government-issued photo ID, legal parent/guardian, and school authorization forms.


Occupational Health


12-lead ECG/EKG with provider order

OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire

Respirator Qualitative FIT test

Bring to the exam: Company or School issued/required mask. Masks are not provided for FIT testing by FVMS.

Pulmonary Function Testing/Spirometry

Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD) – 

Tuberculin Skin Tests are time-sensitive. PPD results must be read between 48-72 hours after placement. Results read outside this window are invalid. 

Placed Monday - Read Wed or Thursday

Placed Tuesday - Read Thursday (72-hour read not available)

Placed all other days- Read Call for availability